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Anne Laurila - Finland

Bows: Hoyt Prevail 37

            Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1 Ultra

DS Equipment: 

  • DS Pro Nano Stabilisers 33" and 10"

I started archery when I was 11 years old and I got my first own compound bow as a Christmas present couple of months later.

My international career started in 2000. I love to shoot all types of archery. Field and 3D I feel are the most interesting and challenging types. 3D is my latest interest. My club has had a 3D course for many many years and I could see many 3D targets when I was practising field, but I never actually tried 3D until 2014. And I loved it! My long experience in field archery helped me to get my first 3D World Championship title just a year later. I have been shooting Pro Archery Series from the first ever tournament in Müllenborn 2007.



2017 WA World Championship (3D) silver

2015 WA World Champion (3D)

2010 WA World Champion (Field)

2008 WA World Championship (Field) bronze

2006 WA European Championship (Target) silver

2006 IFAA EFAC gold

2003 WAE European Championship (Field) silver

2003 IFAA EFAC gold

2002 WA World Championship (Field) bronze

2002 WAE European Championship (Target) team silver

Best World Cup placement 4th

Founder Shooter - Pro Archery Series

Chantal Noest - Netherlands

Bows: Elite  - Victory 37

            Elite -  Victory 39


 DS Equipment:


·         Pro Vibex Long Rod Stabiliser: 33" with 12 oz weights (indoor)

·         Pro Vibex Long Rod Stabiliser: 30" with 14 oz weights (outdoor)

·         Pro Vibex 10" side rod with 15oz Canister

·         And many colored washers because colors matters on your bow !


I mainly shoot competitive World Archery Field, IFAA Field and 3D. In the winter I keep myself busy with some World Archery 18m.

I have been shooting for 4 years compound and before those years I shot recurve.



IFAA Field masters champion 2016

3DAUK UDC  - Series 5 Winner

2nd place World Archery Field National Championship

IFAA National 3D Champion 2015

3th place IFAA European Pro series Wales 2015

IFAA European Bowhunting Champion 2014

IFAA 3D Double 50 challenge Champion 2014

European 5 nations Champion 2013

IFAA Field Masters Champion 2013

IFAA National 3D Champion 2013


Daisy Clark - UK



James Mason - UK

Bows: Hoyt Prevail 40

DS Equipment: 

  • DS Pro Nano XS Stabiliser - 33" with 20 oz weights 

          DS Pro Nano XS - 12" Side Rod - 25oz Canister

          DS Pro Nano XS - 14" Side Rod - 14oz Weights

I have been shooting since 1993. I have won numerous National titles at Target and Field as both a junior and a senior. My biggest achievement to date was being a member of the Great Britain team for the World Championship in Mexico City 2017 where I managed a 9th place finish. You can regularly find me competing as a Known Pro on the 3DAUK circuit or at World Archery events.


No matter how big or small the competition I always want the best and most reliable equipment at my side, that is why I choose DS. I have been shooting the products for quite a few years now and they have never let me down.

Karen Carter Pearson - UK


Bows: G5 Outdoors - Prime Centergy Air


 DS Equipment:

  • DS Pro Nano XS Stabiliser - 28" with  x 4 oz weights.                                                                                           DS Pro Nano  XS 12" Side Rod - 10oz 


I have been shooting since I was 9 years old and have competed in many different societies. During that time I have achieved numerous UK National titles and in 2014 came 3rd in the IFAA European Bowhunter Champs. More recently I have managed to win " Shooter of the Year"  twice in both the Unknown and Known Distance competitions at the 3DA UK National Series events

I am lucky enough to be able to work within the Archery business and I fully believe that the DS-Archery products are the best on the market. They are quality and the proof is shown in the results of our shooters. 

Lucy - Wins ASA in Florida 2014
Lucy - ASA Florida - 2011

Lucy Holderness - UK


Bow: Hoyt Alpha Burner


 DS Equipment:

  • Vibex Long Rod Stabiliser: 33" with six ½ ounce weights

  • Vibex 10" side rod with two ½ ounce weights


I have been shooting the DS Vibex stabiliser now for awhile now and I’m really impressed.

The twill Carbon patterning makes them unique from other stabilisers available at the moment.

I chose the Vibex over the RV1 as its made from thicker carbon and was the heavier of the two – which is perfect for me. I really like how stiff the rods are and the internal foam really helps to beat vibration that usually occurs with some stabilisers.

I can highly recommend the DS - Dragon Spit Glue. The product has been around for years and is excellent not just for putting together arrow components but I’ve also heard other people say they’ve used it for other tasks – like glueing bits of their car back on, or fixing soles back onto their shoes


Martin Pearson - UK


Bows: G5 Outdoors - Prime Centergy Hybrid LD


 DS Equipment:

  • Prime One: DS Pro Nano XS Stabiliser - 33" with 10 x 1 oz weights.                                                                                        DS Pro Nano XS - 12" Side Rod - 22oz Canister


I mainly shoot competitive 3D and IFAA Field and some FITA 18m in the winter.

I have been shooting over 22 Years, and worked in the archery industry the past 6 years.

I am pleased to have won the NFAS National Champs in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

I was also very proud to have won "Shooter Of The Year" (Unmarked 3D) at the 3DA UK National Series 2016 & 2017

Tony Weston - UK


Bows: G5 Outdoors - Prime Centergy X1 36


 DS Equipment:

  • Prime One: DS Pro Nano XS Stabiliser - 30" with 4- 6 oz weights                                                                                            DS Pro Nano XS - 12" Side Rod - 24oz 


I have been shooting since 1990 and have won numerous National and International Titles. I am currently competing on the European Pro Archery Series, The ASA circuit in America and the newly formed 3DA Series based here in the UK. 

I find the DS-Archery weight system is really simple and quick to use. Being able to adjust the weight on the front of by 1/2oz and as little as 1/4oz on the rear, really allows you to fine tune your aim. 

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