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Where DS comes from


DS Archery Products are designed and produced by Archers for Archers.

We have a strong, enthusiastic team behind us. Our design department boast a 1st class honours degree in Design Engineering, that combined with an overall archery experience of nearly 60 years and numerous National and International wins and competitions under our belts makes us the Ultimate Team to design and manufacture the Best Archery equipment for you.

Our company is constantly expanding and developing our products. All items are designed, tested and manufactured here in the UK and , although we are a UK-based company, we have dealers all over the world.

Why DS-Archery?


We only want to produce top quality archery equipment which has been well thought out, well designed, and really well made and assembled.

Every product we make we want it to work as well in 10 years time as it did the day it was made.

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