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Designed for Extreme Performance and Stiffness.


21.8mm diameter and increased wall thickness for archers who utilize lots of mass end weight.


The Vibex is built with an Integral Foam Surpression System, to help reduce high frequency vibrations.

The Vibex Stabilizer differs from the RV1 as it has a thicker Carbon wall which results in a stiffer stabiliser but also a heavier overall weight.

Compared to the RV1, the Vibex is better suited to target bows with less parallel limbs.

21.8mm diameter for Ultra Stiffness.
The Rods are made with a High Gloss Carbon Twill finish and Hi Mod Carbon core structure.

Available with either anodised Silver or Black ends. Both ends are threaded for 5/16.

Long Rods Come with a cap weight,

1.75" Fully Threaded 5/16" CSK Bolt

two Nylon washers.


Short Rods Come with a cap weight,

1.75" Fully Threaded 5/16" CSK Bolt

2.5" Part Threaded 5/16" CSK Bolt

for adding more weights

two Nylon washers.


28" Weight 203 grams (7.16oz)
30" Weight 212 grams (7.48oz)
33" Weight 226 grams (7.97oz)
36" Weight 240 grams (8.47oz)


8" Weight 100 grams (3.53oz)
10" Weight 110 grams (3.88oz)
12" Weight 120 grams (4.23oz)
14" Weight 130 grams (4.59oz)

Top Quality British Engineering

All Parts are CNC Machined to exacting tolerances and Quality Control standards - in the UK

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