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Dragon Spit Glue:

Super Quick, Gap Filling and Dries Clear.
The best glue out there for archery.

It bonds, Vanes, Feathers, Nocks, Points and Inserts and works well on Carbon, Aluminium and Wood.

Directions for use:
Store in a cool dry place. Items to be glued must be clean.
For installing nocks, points and inserts apply a small bead of glue, twist as inserting to spread glue evenly and align before glue sets. For Fletching the Accelerator will speed the process, spray a fine mist of accelerator onto the arrow shaft and affix the vane in place using a fletching jig.
You must clean the nozzle and replace the lid after use.



All Glues have a shelf life.

We recommend selecting the correct size bottle for your usage. i.e. it is better to buy a small bottle each year rather than one big bottle every two years.

This way you will have fresh glue and a fresh nozzle on the bottle.

"The Legend of Dragon Spit"


Tales tell of the archers of old that would willingly risk life, limb and the odd singeing to harvest this powerfully potent adhesive. Apparently, under the cover of darkness and a cloud ridden sky, they would sneak into the Dragon's lair and at great risk mop up the Dragon's sticky drool with the most absorbent material known to man (Giant's belly button fluff!). However, due to the untold risks involved, mothers would often say to the adventurous young toxophilists "Now you, let sleeping Dragons lie" And another famous saying was brought into existence.

During dry seasons brave Sir Knights would be the first to volunteer to entice the Dragon's saliva glands back into action, to a dragon there's nothing more mouth watering than a knight in shining armour. Unfortunately the most courageous knights were often flambéed at this point, bringing an early end to the season's spit harvest.

Ye old small print - During extensive research we've uncovered the lost art of Dragon Tapping and with numerous technological advancements and rigorous testing have managed to create an enhanced version of Dragon Spit that works equally well on traditional and modern materials alike. To make life easier and to reduce singeing we've bottled it for your convenience.

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