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DS - Archery: Large Spray Can Dragon Spit Accelerator

The Dragon Spit Accelerator make Dragon Spit Glue dry almost instantly!

Ideal when Fletching but not recommended when fixing nocks, points and inserts.

Spray a fine mist of Accelerator on to the arrow shaft just before spreading glue onto the Fletch and aligning the fletching clamp

NOTE: WE CAN NOT SEND THIS INTERNATIONALLY - Please contact us if you would like to purchase some and we will se if we can find a courier that will take it to your destination.

Dragon Spit Accelerator

SKU: 0004
  • Please note that this item is Highly Flamable and can not be sent to international destinations through standard couriers.

    If you are NOT in the UK, please do NOT order this item. Email us and we will check to see if we can send it to your destination.

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