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Pack Contains 14 heat shrink wraps - so you get two extras if you need practice fitting them.

Use these fantastic Heat Shrink Tubes instead if vinyl crest wraps.

They are easy to fit and look great on your arrows.

They bond to your fletches extremely well, with a variety of different glues.

Ideal if you are having issues getting your fletches to stick to Aluminium shafts.

These wraps are great if you varnish your wooden arrow shafts before fletching, and have issues getting your feathers to glue on to varnish.


Length: 6" or 150mm 

Weight: approx 11 Grains

Min Arrow Diameter: 0.220" or 5mm

Examples - Easton Carbon One's, Full Metal Jackets and Carbon Express Piledriver Passthru Extremes etc. 

Max Arrow Diameter: 0.366" or 9.3mm

Examples - Easton Fat Boys, Carbon Express CXL's, X Busters, Aluminium 23's etc

Heat Shrink Crest Wraps

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